Characteristics and uses of WPC panels

Plastic wood composite board is a new type of green environmental protection decorative material. The main materials of plastic wood board are plant cellulose and wood cellulose, and the plastic is a thermoplastic polymer material. Plastic wood panels are better than solid wood panels, so they are becoming more and more popular in the decorative building materials market, and have gradually replaced plastics and wood. The plastic wood board is manufactured because it can use waste wood, corner powder and other materials, and the waste is reused. The production technology used is safe and pollution-free, and the finished product does not have any harmful substances. Therefore, it has become more and more popular in many fields such as decoration, furniture and packaging. It is called the preferred green sheet and is widely used in the building board market.

WPC features 1
Low loss: using plastic wood, less than the amount of ordinary wood used in the same situation. Moreover, the plastic wood board is mostly hollow and can save more production materials. At the same time, the cost of hollow sheets is lower, and the price will be more favorable. Another advantage of the hollow profile is that it reduces the weight of the material and also reduces the load carrying capacity of the carrier. These are the unique advantages of plastic wood panels, which cannot be achieved with ordinary wood panels.
Easy to handle: ordinary solid wood sheet performance needs to be painted and protected for protection. In the subsequent use, some protective paint will be applied, otherwise it will affect the service life. The plastic wood board does not need this process, it can be used after processing, no need to paint, and the waterproof performance is also very good. Maintenance costs are much lower than wood products.
Long life: The service life of plastic wood board is three to four times higher than that of ordinary wood board, which means it can be used for 10 to 50 years. The long service life, the cost performance of plastic wood is naturally higher.

WPC features 2
Many people report that the plastic wood board will be deformed after using it for a period of time. In fact, the high-quality plastic wood board will not be deformed, and the bearing capacity and pressure resistance are very strong. However, because the market for plastic wood is more chaotic and the business is not good, consumers can hardly observe the quality of plastic wood from the appearance of the product when purchasing products, so it gives the bad business a chance. If the wood board is made of inferior wood, the products produced will not be durable and the service life will be short. Therefore, when buying, you must buy a regular product with a certificate, or choose a product produced by a well-known manufacturer. Although the price is more expensive than ordinary products, it has good performance and long service life.
Plastic wood board combines the advantages of solid wood board and plastic board, and the disadvantages are improved. Therefore, it is widely used in the interior decoration industry, the furniture industry, the automobile and ship interior packaging industry, and the future housing construction industry. It can be used as furniture, flooring, and decorative materials.
Because of its good toughness and rigidity, plastic wood board can withstand various processing steps, and it is not easy to crack, deform, and has good waterproof performance, and can be used in various environments. However, when buying, you must look for the products of regular manufacturers, otherwise it will be deformed during use and the service life will be short.




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