Frequently asked question about WPC (Part 2)

How to process WPC, whether special tools are needed?

Wood and plastic are as simple and easy to process as wood, and in some respects even easier. Only just wood processing tools can be used to cut, drill, etc.

What type of screw is suitable for wood-plastic profiles?

High-quality screws such as stainless steel and hot-dip galvanized steel are recommended. Screws with threads are especially recommended, which helps increase the nail holding power of the screws.

WPC high water absorption it?

Due to the fact that a layer of plastic is wrapped around natural fibers such as wood fibers, the water absorption of wood is very low. Ideal for waterfront views.

Does the cold weather affect wood plastic?

Wood plastics perform well even at low temperatures. However, because wood plastics account for more than 50% of the plastics, it is harder to drill holes in extremely cold weather due to hardening. In this case, we recommend drilling in advance.

Will hot weather affect wood plastics?

When the temperature rises, the toughness of wood plastic will increase, and there will be slight expansion. Consult the salesperson before installation.

How to maintain and maintain wpc decking?

Even in the outdoor, the wpc board will not rot or crack. In addition to its ability to resist ultraviolet rays, it is maintenance-free.



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