Frequently asked question about WPC (Part 1)

What is wood plastic composite? used for what occasion?

Wood-plastic is a kind of building material that is extruded plastic and wood fibers at a certain percentage. Due to the combination of water resistance and corrosion resistance of wood and the texture of wood, it is the very good choice for outdoor building materials (flooring, fences, chairs etc).

What are the colors of wood plastic to choose from and whether it needs paint?

Unlike wood, WPC decking can have a variety of colors to choose from without painting (sometimes custom colors affect the price). And due to the special formular process of wood plastic, it does not have the problem of color fade.

Will WPC decking fade?

Yes. Plastic wood exposed to sunlight and moisture will fade slightly after 10 to 12 months.

Is WPC more flammable than wood?

Wood-plastic profile is a Class C building material and its combustion is similar to that of wood. After the experiment of burning characteristics, wood-plastic is not more flammable than wood.

Is it necessary to quarantine at the time of export? Need fumigation? Need special documentation?

No, unlike natural wood, due to the special process and formula of wood and plastic, it is a fumigation-free product when exporting, and does not require any special certification documents.

WPC is made of recycled materials?

Yes. WPC is made from natural plastic fibers such as recycled plastics and used sawdust or rice bran.

How long is the life of wood-plastic profiles?

According to foreign country test document, the wood-plastics can reach 25 years under normal use conditions.

How long is the service life of wood plastic in outdoor?

Wood plastics are widely used in outdoor areas, and most of them are used in crowded public places. They are constantly tested by people and the environment. In such high-density applications, the lifespan of wood plastic can reach 10 years when used in private places or In areas with low traffic, the longevity of WPC can be as long as 15 years.



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