New WPC house is saving more energy and environmental friendly

The WPC material is processed into various profiles by extrusion molding. The profile can be provided with the required groove as the plug column, or can be made into a solid or hollow plate as the wall plate, so the plug-in assembly is constructed with the WPC material. Simple or temporary housing can make full use of its strengths. It can build temporary shelters for earthquake relief, kiosks, guard posts, temporary workshops, mobile toilets, beach swimming pool dressing rooms or tool rooms, and military field activities. WPC houses often use plug-in assembly structure, which can be repeatedly disassembled, so some call it an activity room, or they can be built as relatively fixed, such as kiosks and booths. Most of the work involved in the construction is done at the factory. The on-site installation is very simple and does not require high operating technology. A simple WPC house can be built in less than one day, so it is especially suitable for use in emergency situations. Such as war, disaster relief, etc.

Compared with wooden houses, WPC houses are easy to build, fast, and can be used repeatedly. They are also easy to lay, not afraid of termites and mouse bites, no paint, wood, environmental protection, water and moisture resistance. High cost performance and other advantages. Compared with light steel structure, it has the advantages of heat insulation, corrosion resistance, no rust and convenient wiring. However, in the actual application of the existing WPC profiles, there is no good combination, the finished products are relatively simple, and the finished products and connection methods with other materials are very rare. How to combine them with traditional Chinese construction technology is a big problem. .

At present, there is an environmentally-friendly WPC house, which comprises a wall and a roof arranged on the top of the wall. The front side of the wall is provided with an aluminum alloy door frame, and the wall body is formed by layer-by-layer stacking of wall plates, and the wall plates are matched by a focal groove. The roof includes three triangular walls on the front and rear sides. The triangular wall includes two oblique sides arranged at obtuse angles. The intersection of the two oblique sides and the vertical column below the central part are provided with a vertical wall column, and a triangular wall panel is fixed between the vertical column and the oblique side by an angle iron. The bottom end of the column is fixed by the angle iron and the wall panel of the wall, and the diagonal edges of the two triangular walls are arranged side by side with the strips, and the oblique side and the strip are spliced by the card slot and fixed by the angle iron. However, the structure does not have an integral composite skeleton to support the wall and the roof, and is convenient in assembly convenience.

In order to solve the problems of the existing WPC profiles in practical application, there is no good combination method, and the finished product products are relatively single. At present, a quality of use is ensured, the appearance is beautiful, energy saving and environmental protection are replaced, and natural wood is replaced. A combination environmentally friendly WPC house that protects the superior performance of the natural environment. It can guarantee the good use quality, beautiful appearance, convenient installation speed, energy saving and environmental protection, replace the natural wood, protect the natural environment and the superior performance of the combined environmentally friendly WPC house, solve the prior art in the practical application of WPC profiles There are no good combinations, and the finished products are relatively single.

Combined environmentally-friendly WPC house, including the overall skeleton, the wall-shaped WPC profile on the side of the overall skeleton and the roof WPC profile on the top of the overall skeleton. The wall-shaped WPC profile and the roof WPC profile are screwed or plugged or bonded by screws. The agent is connected with the whole skeleton, and the whole skeleton is welded by a square tube, and the joint of the wall WPC profile, the roof WPC profile and the whole skeleton is provided with an edge wrapping piece. The roof WPC profiles are formed by layering the WPC panels layer by layer. The wall WPC profile is divided into inner and outer layers, the inner layer is WPC board, the outer layer is WPC wall board, and the WPC board and WPC wall board are bonded by adhesive. The WPC board is provided with a dovetail birch, and a dovetail slot is formed between the adjacent dovetails. The adjacent plastic plates are connected by a dovetail birch and a dovetail slot for the connection of the birch; The dovetail birch head forms a dovetail slot pupil between adjacent dovetail birch heads, and adjacent WPC wall panels are connected by the dovetail birch and dovetail slot pupils, and the roof WPC profile is covered with oil felt tiles.

The combined environment-friendly WPC house consists of a whole skeleton, a wall-shaped wood profile on the side of the overall skeleton and a roof-shaped wood profile at the top of the overall skeleton. The overall skeleton can be prefabricated, and the wall-shaped wood profile and the roof-plastic profile are WPC panels. The site is very convenient to set up, and the whole process is easy to install. WPC board has the characteristics of enhanced weather resistance, corrosion resistance, stamping resistance, UV resistance, insect resistance, paint-free maintenance, etc., so that the combined environmentally-friendly WPC house formed by its combination has energy saving and environmental protection, instead of natural wood, protecting nature. The superior performance of the environment and the market application prospects are broad.



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