Outdoor WPC flower box if useful for public environment

As China's urbanization process continues to accelerate, the construction of the city's public building environment has also flourished. Public seats and flower boxes are important components of the entire public building environment. Public seats provide the functions of rest, conversation and entertainment. The flower boxes play an important role in keeping the public environment clean and comfortable, and also reflect the city. A good face of civilization. Therefore, it is of great significance to the design of public environment seats and flower boxes. Especially in the design and use process is the selection of materials. The selection of materials has the service life of the seat and flower box and the user experience. Important role. At present, wood-plastic composite materials are widely used in various fields due to their many excellent properties. In the application of public environment seat and flower box design, the paper provides a reference for the application and promotion of plastic wood composite materials in the design of public building environment.

The common seat forms are divided into strip type, single seat, round seat, single concave seat, multi concave seat and curved seat. Different types of seats have different occasions and functions. For example, a single concave seat is composed of two strip seats, and the two seats are 90°, which is suitable for communication between two or more small groups and does not block. Traffic; The multi-concave seat can be seen as consisting of several single concave seats, suitable for placement in parks and other places with more tourists, suitable for communication and rest of many small groups. The combination arrangement means that different types of seats are combined with each other to form a group arrangement, which shows a relatively relaxed atmosphere. The design principles are in line with the best dimensions of human morphology and the materials with the best performance and look. On the one hand, the seat should conform to the best scale of human morphology, and the scale design should focus on the height and area of the seat, the inclination of the backrest, the height and curvature of the armrests on both sides. On the other hand, the seat should focus on the choice of materials. Since the public seat is outdoors for a long time, it has been exposed to wind and sun for a long time and the rain and snow have been eroded. If the material itself has large defects, the seat life will be shortened. Can not make the most use of the seat to meet people's life and entertainment needs. The seat material should meet the stability of thermal performance, is not susceptible to external temperature, is ventilated and environmentally friendly, and is not easy to absorb water and accumulate water.

If you want to improve the quality of outdoor seating and increase humane care, the unique outdoor plastic wood lounge chair is the best choice. Nowadays, many parks and districts are willing to choose plastic-wood seats because they are not only beautiful in style, but also reliable in quality and suitable for human and leisure environments. All kinds of plastic wood outdoor leisure seats, unique design, beautiful, diverse styles, the stool strips are made of plastic wood composite material or plastic wood reinforced materials, adding anti-ultraviolet ingredients, not only healthy and environmentally friendly, the appearance is close to natural wood, close to nature , non-corrosive, non-fading, anti-insect, paint-free, long life, high strength, creep resistance, good impact resistance, beautiful and durable. It is the first choice for parks, plazas, streets, communities, schools, shopping malls, factories, scenic areas, playgrounds, and beaches.

At present, the frequency of plastic-wood flower boxes appears in people's field of vision, and the wood-plastic flower boxes used in greening on both sides of municipal roads are colorful. The flower box, with its natural and realistic performance, adds a strong artistic atmosphere to the whole city. Changing the traditional single planting is a multi-integrated planting, which creates an elegant and atmospheric vision with the overall beauty and can combine local traditional culture. Come to design to enhance affinity.

With the strengthening of people's awareness of environmental protection, the call for protection of forest resources is increasing. Plastic wood materials are used instead of the previous wood. The surface of the plastic wood flower box is not water-permeable, does not fade. Acid and alkali resistance is the future environmental protection life. The main replacement product.

WPC flower box has excellent performance:

Texture - Compared to metals, stone, glass and other materials, wood has a very good visual touch.

Good insulation - wood is one of the better electrical insulation materials due to its poor electrical conductivity.

High strength - Compared to some metals, wood has a higher strength and weight ratio and higher strength.

Good processability - it can be easily sawed, planed, nailed, moderately soft and easy to process.

Well decorated - natural wood grain, beautiful and full of ecological atmosphere, is a rare natural decorative material.

With heat preservation - the thermal conductivity of plastic wood is very small, the flower box is much higher than the insulation of most materials, and the energy saving value is very high.

The public environment seat and flower box design is designed to meet the needs of the human scale and the best material selection. The choice of materials plays a vital role in the service life of the seat and the flower box and the user experience. The wood-plastic composite material has stable thermal properties, good corrosion resistance, strong microbial degradation resistance, and is not easy to absorb water and accumulate water. Therefore, the choice of plastic-wood composite materials in public environment seating and flower box design has broad market prospects.



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