The application of high-end co-extruded WPC products

In recent years, with the development of technology, high-end co-extruded WPC came into being. It uses the industry's most advanced extrusion technology to evenly and firmly coat the coextruded layer. The use of this new technology to produce co-extruded wood, in addition to retaining the traditional mildew, insect and other physical properties of plastic wood, but also has stronger wear, scratch resistance, stain resistance and weather resistance, more beautiful and durable, Suitable for high-end outdoor landscape projects, building templates, villas, courtyard floors and other fields.

The high-end plastic-wood co-extruded railings perform better outdoors, eliminating the need for daily cleaning and maintenance after installation, adding a long-lasting aesthetic and experience. In the harsh outdoor environment, the problem of rust and corrosion will occur in the short cycle of the general wrought iron fence. The preservative wood railing will also have the problem of insect rot. If it is not maintained for a long time, the skin will fall off and the inside will break. The problem has seriously affected the overall aesthetics of the railing.

The design style of the garden landscape is closely related to the style of the building and the use of the materials. The functionality of the garden is adhered to. Under the premise of beautiful environment, the facilities and places that meet various functional requirements are arranged to provide a good space for rest and communication. High-end co-extruded wood can create a romantic architectural atmosphere according to individual needs regardless of color, pattern and texture. The main principles for improving the durability of wood-based wood are related to the type of wood material used in the preparation of the material, the type of polymer added, and the blending ratio of wood and plastic. For high-end co-extruded wood, structural durability and aesthetic durability are equally important.

In the construction project, the plastic wood is mainly used in the concrete formwork for pouring concrete. It has many advantages and is an environmentally friendly building formwork material. The rigidity, toughness, density and structural optimization of building formwork prepared from plastic wood as raw materials can be solved by continuously improving the processing technology and preparation process, exploring new modification methods and structural design methods. High-end plastic wood will be increasingly used in the field of construction engineering in the form of strong promotion of wood use in the country.

The co-extrusion material production process of wood-grain co-extrusion is produced by a two-step process. That is to say, raw materials are added with various kinds of modifiers, colorants and functional additives, which are blended and modified into processed base materials, and then a certain proportion of various color masterbats are uniformly mixed. It must have the following functions: higher co-extrusion adhesion; better processing broadness; more outstanding weather resistance; better surface scratch resistance; and wood feel better than traditional co-extruded materials. Wood grain effect wood-plastic coated co-extruded material, using acrylic primary rubber powder and acrylonitrile-styrene prepolymer with excellent weather resistance, adding modifiers, high weathering colorants and functional additives that can meet customer requirements Blending and modifying into a base color, and then mixing a certain proportion of various color masteries uniformly. The addition of special masterbatch gives the product a clear, wood grain effect, realistic wood feel, wide processing, and excellent scratch resistance. For special requirements, such as transparent, wear-resistant, matte, thermal, conductive, low surface energy and other products can also be customized services to meet the needs of high-end customers.



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