The trend of WPC pallet

According to the statistics of the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, the number of pallets in China is about 100 million, and it is increasing at an annual rate of about 10,000. According to the number of pallets in the normal market in China in the normal year, with the promotion and application of this technology, the market recognition will accelerate, and the market share of plastic wood pallets can be expected in the next year. Considering that due to various unpredictable factors, the market share has certain volatility and uncertainty, and the most conservative case is calculated based on the market share of the product. The pallet size models used by different products are different. At present, the price of wooden pallets in China's market ranges from tens of yuan to thousands of yuan. For the estimation of economic benefits, only the price of wooden pallets with the minimum price and the lowest price is used. According to the price of plastic wood pallets, the direct economic output value that can be created each year is 100 million yuan. According to foreign conditions, the profit margin of this product is at least above. Therefore, after normal production, the net profit of plastic wood pallets can reach more than 100 million yuan. Therefore, the economic benefits of plastic wood pallets are enormous.

The plastic wood pallet is a new type of pallet that is produced by mixing the surplus of agricultural (forest) with waste plastic in a certain proportion. From the comprehensive performance point of view, plastic wood pallets have abandoned the defects of other types of pallet products, with high strength, good tampering, no deformation, no moisture absorption, no mildew, anti-corrosion candle, aging resistance, easy processing, recyclable, non-polluting And so on, but the price is lower than other types of trays. More importantly, the main raw material of the plastic-wood pallet is the surplus of agriculture (forest), which can turn waste into treasure and save a lot of timber forest resources. With the full promotion of plastic wood pallet applications, the market is increasingly recognizing this new plastic wood pallet product, which will definitely change the habit of people using pallets. The new environmentally-friendly plastic wood pallet can save a lot of timber resources, is conducive to the protection and utilization of forest resources, and promote the construction of forestry production environment. The service life of plastic wood pallets is at least double that of traditional wooden pallets and can be recycled.

Technology needs to be upgraded. In recent years, wood-plastic composite materials have become a hot spot of concern and development in the world, but the operation of many domestic wood-plastic manufacturers is not optimistic. Relevant experts pointed out that the production technology of plastic-wood composite materials needs to be upgraded, and the production process of plastic-wood composite material sheets mainly includes:

Extrusion process, hot press forming process and extrusion process. Different production processes, from different composite sheet specifications, their applications are also slightly different, extrusion molding production process and hot press forming production process can get any size required by customers, and extrusion molding production process No; from different uses, the various sheets produced by the extrusion molding process are generally applied to decorative sheets, while the composite sheets produced by the hot press forming and extrusion forming processes are mainly applied and stressed. Load-bearing plates.

At present, most of the domestic plastic wood enterprises use the first technology, which needs to be upgraded. When it comes to technical issues, plastic-wood composites are inherently inadequate, such as their initiality is lower than that of the parent material, and the properties of composite materials are easily mutated. With the expansion of the application field, how to improve the performance of wood-plastic materials has become the focus of research and development. In addition, the development of special equipment for plastic-wood composite materials and the ratio of additives must also be strengthened. At the same time, to realize the industrialization and scale of plastic-wood composite materials technology, it is also necessary to effectively solve the problem of recycling and classification of waste materials.

China's demand for plastic wood pallets is increasing year by year. As a new type of environmentally friendly pallet, plastic wood pallet has excellent performance, and green environmental protection is more suitable for the green packaging industry, and it is gradually entering people's sight. Plastic wood pallets are characterized by low pollution, acid and alkali resistance, water resistance, anti-corrosion candle, high strength and recyclability. The raw material of plastic wood pallet is filled with reinforced thermoplastic by natural fiber. It is extruded by high temperature and high pressure extrusion. It is non-toxic and tasteless. It can be recycled after use. It is a 100% “green” environmentally friendly product, which can be recycled and used. Pallets can be reused and recycled, with biological

Degradability, protecting forest resources and ecological environment, is a new environment-friendly material in the new century. After the pallet reaches a certain service life, it can be recycled through the existing continuous improvement of waste pallet logistics recycling channels. Have an impact on the environment. Therefore, the ecological benefits of the new environmentally-friendly plastic wood pallets are also very significant.

The promotion and application of new environmentally-friendly plastic wood pallets will certainly help the development of China's logistics industry. At present, due to the low technical level of pallets, low pallet interchangeability and low social sharing, China's logistics industry has led to frequent pallet updates during logistics operations. This has led to a large loss of pallet use and, more importantly, tray damage caused by logistics. The work has to be replaced frequently, reducing the efficiency of logistics operations. The new plastic wood pallet technology makes the damage rate of the pallets greatly reduced, and can accelerate the standardization and versatility of the pallets, promote the development of the logistics industry, and bring about the development of the entire industrial economy. On the whole, the economic, social and ecological benefits of the new environmentally friendly plastic wood pallets are very significant.

The development of China's wood-plastic composites is slower than that of some developed countries. Although the country has introduced a series of policies to encourage the development of wood-plastic composites, due to various factors, China's wood-plastic composites have been produced. The development cannot be carried out along a healthy path, limiting the majority of domestic people and even some competent authorities about the knowledge of plastic-wood composites, not to mention the technical level of plastic-wood composites. Plastic wood composite applications have limitations. The practical application range of plastic-wood composite materials is very wide. In the packaging and warehousing industry, trays, packaging boxes, centralized equipment, warehouse mats, and cargo racks can be produced.

Plastic wood pallets have more environmental benefits, economic benefits and social benefits. The wood-plastic composite material has high strength, good environmental protection, and is a renewable resource. It is an ideal raw material for processing and manufacturing a new generation of pallets. Using plant fiber and plastic raw material compounding compound as raw materials to develop a new generation of pallets, which has good economic, social and ecological benefits. It has a wide range of applications for the production of pallets with plant fiber and plastic raw material compounding compound as the main production materials. prospect.




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