WPC flower box appears multi-functional trend

In recent years, the frequency of plastic-wood flower boxes has appeared in people's field of vision, and the plastic-wood flower boxes used in greening on both sides of municipal roads are colorful. The flower box, with its natural and realistic performance, adds a strong artistic atmosphere to the whole city. Changing the traditional single planting is a multi-integrated planting, which creates an elegant and atmospheric vision with the overall beauty and can combine local traditional culture. Come to design to enhance affinity. At the same time, the plastic wood flower box has a multi-functional trend.

The shape of the flower box is endless. Recently, the flower box of the Chinese style element is also very popular. It not only meets the requirements of road greening, but also shows the atmosphere of national culture and realizes the humanistic value of the flower box.
Nowadays, the plastic-wood flower boxes in the urban landscape are suspended, fenced, multi-layered, mobile floats, and leisure seats, and they have new ideas in function.
Modern building materials make the expression of the language of the architectural landscape richer and more diverse, changing the architecture of the new century. As a new environmentally friendly material, wood-plastic composites are now widely used in architectural landscapes and outdoors.
The plastic wood flower box combines the traditional natural landscape construction habits to create a simple and elegant appearance. It is not only easy to integrate into the public environment, but also the plastic wood flower box, which reflects the environmental inclusiveness of the artificial structure, and has long service life and simple maintenance. It also adds a touch of light color to public vision.
The wood-plastic material combines the dual characteristics of wood and plastic, and it also abandons the defects of wood and plastic. Compared with wood materials, wood-plastic materials have low water absorption, are not easy to be deformed and cracked, have mildew resistance, and have high mechanical properties and light weight. Moisture-proof, acid and alkali resistant, corrosion-resistant, easy to clean, etc., can replace the use of logs, plastics and aluminum alloys in many fields. It is a new generation of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly new products that replace traditional wood in the future. The market has broad application prospects.



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