What are the benefits of using WPC materials for decoration?

In the renovation of old houses, many owners prefer American and European styles. In these styles, the obvious feature is the use of many decorative materials. The decorative lines used in the past are mostly solid wood lines and plaster lines, but now there is a new type of environmentally friendly line called plastic wood, which is healthier and more durable, and gradually replaces the traditional decorative lines. So what are the benefits of plastic wood in the old house decoration? Let's get to know it.

Plastic wood is a decorative line made of plastic raw materials and wood powder. The plastic raw materials are polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene, etc. According to different production processes, different proportions of wood powder materials are added, and wood powder materials are made of waste wood. It is composed of a mixture of rice husks and straws. These materials are extruded into various line shapes and have outstanding advantages such as durability, waterproofness, insect resistance and flame retardancy. The wood moldings are environmentally friendly and will not pollute the environment. , is a very good new composite material.

The benefits of plastic wood for old house decoration

 1, stylish and beautiful plastic wood lines have the texture of wood, but the pattern and color changes are more abundant than solid wood, can make a lot of personalized design, stylish and beautiful, the overall decoration effect is very good.

 2, the sturdy and durable plastic wood line is very good, more excellent than the traditional line, the plastic wood line is used in the pressure and impact resistance, not easy to deform and damage, can be used for a long time.

3, corrosion-resistant solid wood line, although environmentally friendly, sturdiness is also good, but because of the physical characteristics of the wood itself, waterproof and corrosion resistance is poor, and the plastic wood line uses polymer materials to wrap the wood powder, so corrosion resistance and It is highly water resistant and is also a flame retardant material.

4. The raw materials used in healthy and environmentally friendly plastic wood lines do not volatilize harmful substances. In the processing technology, heat transfer is also used for surface treatment, and the decorative coating is made of environmentally friendly paint, so there is no harmful effect of formaldehyde and benzene. substance.

5. In the renovation of the old house, the wall of the old house is aging; the wallpaper is dropped with mildew, yellowish fading, wall paint blistering, cracking and tarnishing. In the transformation, the new wall becomes a key step. In the traditional wall decoration, different decorative layers have different operation steps, such as leveling, putty, latex paint, wallpaper, etc. Reached 6,7. A wide variety of programs not only have high material costs, but also high labor and time costs. With the improvement of people's quality requirements and the improvement of environmental protection concepts, plastic wood wall panels have attracted the attention and attention of many people.



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